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Twilight Circus Dub Sound System

gatunek: dub, electronics

kraj: Holandia

koncertów: 1

data/okres: 14.03.2002


The Twilight Circus Dub Sound System is the reggae project of Ryan Moore, former bassist of the Legendary Pink Dots. Twilight Circus is becoming increasingly popular and well-known for Moore's work with artists such as Big Youth, Michael Rose of Black Uhuru and Ranking Joe. He originally started off producing dub albums from his Dutch studio, before recording vocalists for inclusion on his critically acclaimed Foundation Rockers album. In the classic tradition of reggae Ryan continues to release singles, oft in limited edition format on 10 inch singles.

Koncerty, które już się odbyły:
 14.03 Cz.  Kraków, Strefa 22
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